Monday, February 10, 2014 - 180 Oldschool Hardcore.mp3 - 180 Oldschool Hardcore.mp3

Carat Trax II* The Message
Human Resource - Dominator (Mental Speed Mix)
Human Resource - Dominator (Joey Beltram Mix)
Human Resource - Dominator (Frank De Wulf #2 Mix)
Digital Boy - This Is Mutha F**ker (Elettro Mix)
Digital Boy - Kokko (Luca Rave Remix)
Digital Boy - This Is Mutha F**ker (Suicide Mix)
G.T.O.* - Pure
Format - #1 Solid Session
Quazar The Seven Stars (Dragonfighters)
Quazar - The Seven Stars
Quazar - Moon Turns The Tide
Sequencial - Cycades(Reprise)
Armando - 100% Of Disin' You (Mike Dunn's Houze Mixx)
Plexus - Cactus Rhythm(Mixed By J.F.)
Jeyênne, The* XPQ_21
Edwards & Armani - Acid Drill(Insider "Black Johan" Remix)
Trashman - Cosmotrash
Intellect - Throw Your Hands Up
Qube 45 - The Sequal
Liaisons D - Por La Patria (Brain-Fuck Mix)
J'N'J - The Ballet
WestBam - The Mayday Anthem
Egma - Don't Have To Be Jesus
DJ Edge - *1
T99 - Anasthasia
Quadrophonia Quadrophonia
Cubic 22 Night In Motion
Trigger (7) - Stratosphere
Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Vanderweyde Mix)
Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Original Mix)
Rotterdam Termination Source - Bonus Poing
Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (The Remixes)
Speedy J.* - Pull Over (Second Remix)
World Party II - Forget-It!
Epilepsia - Epilepsia
Bass Boy - Let The Bass Be Louder!
Christian Jay Bolland* - Ravesignal III
Air Of Gloom - Meditation
MNO* God Of Abraham
Dr. Foster - Trying To Get To Sleep
Set Up System - Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix)
Praga Khan - Rave Alarm
Angel Ice - N'aie Pas Peur
Angel Ice - Je N'aime Que Toi
Channel X - Groove To Move
Egma - Let The Bass Kick (Original Version)
Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
Ramirez & Pizarro - Hablando
Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda

131.32 minutes

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