Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 787 Hip House Mission.mp3 - 787 Hip House Mission.mp3

3B And Brotha D., The* ‎– Rock The House
Fast Eddie* Featuring Sundance (2) ‎– Git On Up
Like This ‎– Lose Control
Force Of Power, The ‎– Force Of Power
Bass Boyz, The ‎– Lost In The Bass
MC-X (2) ‎– All Men Are Created Equal
D.J. Fast Eddie, The* ‎– Let's Go Remix
D.M.S. Featuring Von Black ‎– Don't Stop It
Anthony Acid Featuring Future-Rocker-Poe ‎– Bass In Your Face
No Down Payment ‎– Come And Get Some Of This
Chaos (6) – Black, Young + Proud
Dynamic Guv'nors, The ‎– Turnin' Tables! EP.
Tyree* ‎– Hard Core - Hip House (New '89 Version)
Loose Bruce & A.R.C. Moe Rock ‎– Pick Up On This
Musto & Bones ‎– Dangerous On The Dancefloor
Steve "Silk" Hurley ‎– Work It Out
Mr. Lee ‎– Pump Up Chicago
Fast Eddie* ‎– Make Some Noise (Remix)
Dynamic Guv'nors, The ‎– Turnin' Tables! EP.
LRoc* – Rock This Way

64.12 minutes

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