Friday, September 19, 2014 - 888 Oldschool Hakken Part 3.mp3 - 888 Oldschool Hakken Part 3.mp3

El Bruto ‎– Hardcore Motherfucker
Cybernaut (2) ‎– Tales From The Cyberzone E.P.
Reanimator, The* ‎– Bigger And Bolder
Big Deal ‎– The Right Place
DJ K.2.* ‎– Oblivian E.P.
Evil Maniax ‎– The Creators Of Hardcore
Brutalist, The ‎– Naked On The Floor
Hard Creation ‎– Are You Down?
Stingray ‎– Power Of Darkness
Juggernaut ‎– Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck
DJ Psycho ‎– Turn It Up
Hardcore Slam (Hardcorps Remix)
DJ Waxweazle ‎– Feel Da Rhythm E.P.
DJ Rob & MC Joe ‎– 21st. Century
Wedlock / Comababy ‎– Special Series Part I
DJ Maikel ‎– Clear Sonar
Hard Creation ‎– Hardcore From The Heart
Mister DJ ‎– Come In Mister DJ
Juggernaut ‎– XTC Motherf...
Omen, The ‎– Party On E.P.
Undercover Anarchist ‎– Amman
Waxweazle* ‎– The Sequel
DJ Norman ‎– Get Up And Dance

67.06 minutes

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